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The Veil Of The Obvious


The Forty-Eight Manys, which are ONE.
Or Many Words, One Truth

From the forthcoming book “From Ecstasy To Lunch”
By Samuel Ben-Or Avital

We live in a time of rapid change, when evolution of thought and consciousness is proceeding by leaps and bounds.  There are many avenues open to us, so many voices competing for our attention that we are sometimes overcome by confusion.

To meet and transcend this confusion, we must increase our awareness.  To eliminate confusion and to transmit and radiate the simple, beautiful messages of the heart’s flame of truth is what the artist in us considers as his chief work, not only for his own benefit, but also for the benefit and well-being of others.

We respond with laughter and sometimes tears.  The higher emotions of being one with the Cosmic lifts us beyond the cares of daily life to an experience of oneness with ourselves and the eternal life that is vibrating in us at all times.


Source of Imagination

When the artist taps this source of imagination by proper attunement and mastery of the art of visualization, he gives us a glimpse of something precious and essential. When we have a close look at the essence of another, we experience our own essence, for this same essence resides in different places.  There is no separation, no division.  There is only the reflection in the mirror of the One being.

These special moments lead our attention to the obvious and natural law of the One in the many, the many in the One.  Once this law is understood and lived and maintained constantly in the situations we face, we enter a world of peace; we become calm in the midst of turbulence.  We finally begin to understand the adage of the sage, which urges us: “To be in the world but not of it.”

The obviousness of this law is actually the “veil,” and we need only increase our attention to see through to the depths, to unveil and reveal the truth of the one in the many.  This obviousness comes from the hypnotic spell of the material world in its extreme.  We accept this hypnotic curse because of our laziness and unwillingness to think deeply with proper discrimination.  It is actually easy to see through this illusion, which we have accepted at one time of another, either consciously or unconsciously.  But until we do, this hypnotic reality is one with our thinking structure, and we sink into a slumbering attitude toward life.

We know from observation that the entire ocean cannot sink a ship unless the waters enter the ship.  All the hypnotic vibrations of negative thinking cannot affect us unless we welcome them and allow them to enter our selves, unless we believe in their existence.  It seems ridiculous to spend so much energy dwelling in those negative waters, letting our ship sink.  The inner intelligence rather suggests we guide our ship in a positive direction, toward the manifestation of the same beautiful law of oneness in its perfect working order.

The Illusion of Separateness

The illusion of separateness and division are actually obstacles toward the One.  We should divide only in order to unite.  Harmonizing the opposites is the very work that will abolish this division, but in order to increase the necessary awareness, we have to recognize the oneness in the other as well as in ourselves.  WE may theorize, but we must go immediately to the activity of the theory. Acknowledging, accepting, allowing, and welcoming this action of penetrating deeply into the obvious reality in nature leads us to a comprehension of the one reality, that which we call the state of harmonium.

The essential requirements to unveil the obvious are simplicity and the focalized attention of single-mindedness, which in turn sharpens our perception, thus opening wide the door to illumination so that we finally may see inwardly the invisible ways of the Cosmic at work.  See the obviousness of it, reflect and see “How great are Thy works!” as the psalmist says.

Have you noticed how many words are written here in order to utter one simple truth?

Many petals, but only one rose.

Many letters, but only one word.

Many hairs, but only one head.

Many Days, but only one Saturday.

Take time and see for yourself how simple this beautiful law

is and activate it in your daily life.

You will thus, witness the oneness with the God of our Hearts

that is available to all living beings.

But, please see through the OBVIOUS and thy soul will rejoice

in THE CREATOR that makes us be ONE with The ESSENCE of Creation.

The Forth-Eight (48) Manys, Which Are One

Note: These words were designed as a Mandala wheel, in which the inner spokes contain the ONE and the outer spokes contain the Manys. (See the picture below)



1.         Words                                                         Truth

2.         Thoughts                                                     Mind

3.         Volumes                                                       Knowledge

4.         Letters                                                         Word

5.         Hours                                                           Day

6.         Minutes                                                        Hour

7.         Chips                                                           Computer

8.         Light bulbs                                                   Generator

9.         Candles                                                        Light

10.       Sparks                                                          Flame

11.       Bodies                                                          Soul

12.       Hairs                                                            Head

13.       Fingers                                                         Hand

14.       Breaths                                                        Life

15.       Cells                                                            Organism

16.       Movements                                                 Stillness

17.       Spokes                                                         Wheel

18.       Ties                                                             Track

19.       Ways                                                            Highway

20.       Routes                                                         Path

21.       Cities                                                           Planet

22.       Children                                                       Father

23.       Babies                                                         Mother

24.       Branches                                                      Tree

25.       Petals                                                          Rose

26.       Grains                                                          Seed

27.       Colors                                                          Rainbow

28.       Rays                                                            Sun

29.       Rocks                                                          Mountain

30.       Waters                                                        Ocean

31.       Streams                                                       River

32.       Details                                                         Whole

33.       Diseases                                                       Cause

34.       Ingredients                                                   Recipe

35.       Containers                                                    Essence

36.       Chambers                                                     Castle

37.       Threads                                                        Carpet

38.       Brushstrokes                                                Painting

39.       Lines                                                            Circle

40.       Dots                                                             Line

41.       Melodies                                                      Harmony

42.       Notes                                                           Keyboard

43.       Vibrations                                                    Sound

44.       Sounds                                                         Silence

45.       Religions                                                      God

46.       Theories                                                      Reality

47.       Interpretations                                            Truth

48.       Pages                                                            Book



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