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In the Beginning was the Dot

In the Beginning was the Dot

"In the beginning there was the dot, and another dot and another one. They played and multiplied in space and time and become a LINE.

And the line moves and became a circle, and the dot within the circle begun to move, touching the walls of the circle, and bouncing strongly back and forth, from one wall of the circle to another, thus energy was created.

And with this mighty movement created new forms, volumes, and another form, that shaped into a triangle, cells, organs, hearts, kidneys, and a whole life become visible and manifested.

And finally human organism emerged and uttered the words, and worlds, and wrote them in symbols, lines, circles, diagonal shapes, letters, and the symbols became reality, and concealed within each letter the "secrets"codes of Creation.

From the Original Dot, we call The Source of all Life and beings, coming and emerging "out of nothing" (Yesh Me'Ayin), and the  whole universe becomes, and contains all beings and becoming, and they begin to "Breath."

And the CREATOR, DESIGNER saw the "Great Design", and it called it "good."= Tov.

So, our task now, as the created and creative human beings (as the image = (the Tzelem) of the Creator) is to explore, decipher, recognize and USE the POWER of the Creator, the Designer and sublime Animator of all the manifestations of movement of this entire beautiful place in time, we call LIFE (Hayyim) and LIGHT, "Or Elion" and we also call it "Good." And Use that "Power"= Koah, for the good and benefit of all living beings.

From the article "A Dot in Space" by Samuel Avital

Transcribed from his live session on January 14, 1975 - 7:30 p.m.


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