Saturday, Jul 13th 2024

Recommended Links

Le Centre du Silence

Le Centre Du Silence mime school.  Center for the Bodyspeak Movement method.

Re-align with Gravity!  Nutrition - you can do better!  Structural Integration and nutrition with Alessandra.

Walking Kabbalah

Walkign Kabbalah LogoA Kabbalah website by one of Samuel's students, focusing on the daily practice of kabbalistic wisdom.


 The Magnificent Art of Orna Ben Shoshan

Artist Orna Ben-Shoshan has a very large exhibit online, where she showcases visionary and metaphysical paintings, both oil on canvas and digital art.

Tools for personal guidance.  Enchanted metaphysical gifts in the spirit of the Kabbalah.


The Personal Gateway to Jewish learning.

Reb Zalman Legacy Project

The Reb Zalman Legacy Project is a collaborative effort of the Yesod Foundation and Naropa University to preserve, develop and disseminate the teachings of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, better known as "Reb Zalman," an innovative leader in ecumenical dialogue and founder of the Jewish Renewal and Spiritual Eldering movements.

The Tree of Life Wellness Center

The Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration with Alessandra

Contemporary Arts Media

One of the leading consultants and suppliers of films and books for Arts Education.



About Kabbalah Now

Kabbalah is both a concealed and revealed vast body of knowledge, a practical science of wisdom that one can learn easily, intuitively and logically, and available today to those who are honestly ready and seeking the authentic knowledge in "this world and beyond."