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Here's What They Are Saying About Kabbalah Now, Samuel Avital and BodySpeak™

“How do the Sephiroth dance?  What is the face of Geburah?

How does one walk on Netzah and Hod?

Shemouel Ben Or Avital teachers a Kabbalistic Tai-Chi in which God and

Man are fused in Mime.  If only my teachers could have mimed

the world of Yetzirah, how much more I would know of the light today.

Shemouel is a Kabbalist’s Kabbalist.”

Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Boulder, CO, June 11, 1975


“Samuel Avital is a true treasure of wisdom - he comes from a long line of

Kabbalists, and has steeped himself in the study of this mystical tradition.

I spent a month studying one letter (Aleph) with him, and it opened my eyes to

the Universe. Don't miss this opportunity to sit at the knee of the real deal. ‎

Samuel is one of my favorite teachers of all time.

If you have the chance to study with him, don't miss out!”


Lion Goodman, on Facebook, Friday May 4, 2012


“I think that Samuel’s work is important. He brings awareness to the soul of people

and gives the dedicated artists who work under his direction the need,

dedication, and love for the world of silence and the beautiful art of movement."

Marcel Marceau - "Bip" Denver 1973

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Shmuel Remained Faithful to His Roots

Hebrew and English below:

שׁמואל נשׁאר נאמן לשׁורשׁיו
מאת שׁלום פּ. כלפון
בשׁמואל, התקיים הכּתוב בחבּקוק ב. ד...."וְצַדִּיק בֶּאֱמוּנָתֹו יִחְיֶה

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Samuel Has Found a Way to Touch Eternity

Both Hebrew and English below:


שמואל מצא דרך לגעת בנצח דרך הקיום העכשוי

מספר מילים על שמואל בן-אור אביטל ולספרו של "בסתר המדרגה"

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About Kabbalah Now

Kabbalah is both a concealed and revealed vast body of knowledge, a practical science of wisdom that one can learn easily, intuitively and logically, and available today to those who are honestly ready and seeking the authentic knowledge in "this world and beyond."