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Quotes by Samuel Avital

Remember, SPIRITUALITY in Hebrew is certain way of thinking, and is an attitude of being aware and fully awake of the HERE and NOW with every breath and with fullness of spirit. The NOW that is available to us now, this very moment, from which arise the sense and the power to ACT.

SPIRIT in Hebrew is, ROUAH meaning Breath, wind, an inner attitude and the immediate and awakened state of being fully here. Therefore, we do not trust the NOW, we feel threatened by the NOW, that is so powerful to face it, by escaping to the past, that was already, or the future that is not here yet, escaping to complaining, superstitions, and everything else that we are comfortable, convenient and familiar to escape to.
That is why in the morning we say ELOHAY NESHAMA SHENATATA BI TEHORAH.

Another way (Kabbalistic view)of saying this is: The DOT (YOD), the (Dagesh) inside the letter KAF, the Container, is the activator and transformer of energy, that FORMS the MATTER into infinite manifestations.
Samuel Avital, July 1972. Boulder, Colorado.

“The Soul of a being is THE FLAME of becoming the One Without  a Name”
Samuel Avital, Nov 18, 1980

"Courage is a cloak you wear again and again
until every cell in your body is named, Courage."
Samuel Avital . July 1973

"To exist is to change...To change is to mature...
To mature is to go on creating oneself...Endlessly…"
Samuel Avital

“Don’t eat the whole elephant with one bite,
Don’t drink the whole ocean with one gulp.”

The above is the good advise for the sincere seekers who are impatient to know.
Because people are sincerely hungry and eager;
But that is exactly when one should restrain oneself.
Remember 99.9% preparation and only 1% realization, but you have to be constantly present,
in order to realize it. Otherwise it will pass you by, because you were not there,
you were absent to feel it notice it and appreciate it.

Remember: The QUESTION IS the food of knowledge.
Samuel Avital

“In The Beginning Was The Word” Before the word was movement.
Movement is vibration, life, vision, and the stuff of creation and the essence of everything.
An Intelligent being thinks and talks, an emotional being sings,
a totally integrated conscious being thinks, talks, sings and moves…ACT.
Samuel Avital in a public lecture/workshop 1978

Inspirational words from the inner state of Being and Becoming
In the deep pools of my eyes you find the hidden secrets and passions of my soul.
In my kiss you feel the heat of desires answered.
In the whisper of my caress you re-discover a primal need.
In my voice you experience the mysteries of the human connection.
In my body you fulfill fantasies not yet formed.

Samuel defines an “expert” as a pretender, and an inadequate magician, a parrot, the manifestation of utter ignorance, and one who, in actuality does not know what the verb of “knowing” is. In a non-culture of sleepwalkers these “experts” thrive. Sad? Absurd? Go figure this mass-hypnosis of these times.
In Café-Salon Philosophique #77 gathering of Sat, March 24, 2001 Boulder, Colorado

About Silence:
Silence is not merely the absence of sound, or noise, it is a state of being
at the edge of listening to nothing and something.
Silence is not an absence of words; it is a fullness of being.  Health is not an absence of dis-ease,
It is a state of homeostasis.

Noise and silence have something in a common. Noise is discordant, jarring, unnatural,
and produced by us, but is not a part of us. Noise masks the silence but never silence it.
Noise also rises and falls, always changes.

Silence is harmonious, soothing, not produced by us, yet pervading our being.
Silence is continual, coming forth whenever noise subsides.

When you are in the forest and keep still, it may at first seem hushed.
But as the noise in our head diminishes, you hear the forest humming, throbbing with life,
and orchestrating a symphony of symbiosis.

Eventually, you may even hear the background silence of your mind,
wherein all of your questions arise and are resolved.
The inner space is a place where you can listen to that soft voice, a “place”,
not always quiet, but where silence reigns supreme.

Samuel Avital, March 1972 in a Workshop “speaking about silence”
Le Centre du Silence Mime School, Boulder, Colorado

Moving out and returning in
“The male energy moves out, explores the outer dimensions.
The Female energy is always in the process of return;
She shows the way to return to the source of being.
The Male uses the word, speaks, talks, and explain.
The Female is the embodiment of silence. She is just listening.
The Male knows, The Female is.
So, our silence and speech must come from the same root and source.
All our movement and speech must be permeated by silence and stillness.
Samuel Avital, February 1973 in Class Learning Workshop
Le Centre du Silence Mime School, Boulder, Colorado

"That which you want, CREATE IT, do not wait for others to do it for you, and as a result,
many will benefit from your creative individual initiative, investing in the goodness
of the human effort to make this world a better place to be and become."
Samuel Avital, 1999 in an email to Hilary Soltz

“Be with the wind, make the wind your friend.
Be with the heat, make the heat your lamp.
Be with the rain, make the rain your nutritious food.”
Samuel Avital, March 2000 in a class session

“The thought transforms the cell, Thought moves matter, thought guides the breath,
Breath guides the body.”
Samuel Avital, March 2000 in a class session

“Every movement is a preparation for the next movement.
The present moment determines the future moment, which is already here.”
Samuel Avital, March 2000 in a class session

“The step is already there before you stand, therefore BE, Stand up.”
Samuel Avital, March 2000 in a class session

“If the matches are in the vicinity of the candle, you can cause the flame to be, thus you
“save time of the search for the match.”
Samuel Avital, March 2000 in a class session

"Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to wait for; it is a thing to be achieved."
Samuel Avital, in a class session Summer 1999

Here is a French proverb to always remember before uttering a word:
“Si ce que tu vas dire n’est pas plus beau que le silence ne le dis pas”
“If what you are going to say is not more beautiful than silence do not say it.”


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