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The Miraculous Power of the Hebrew Letters

The Miraculous Power of the Hebrew Letters

“Words create the world. Letters create words.
Dots create lines. Volumes etc, ad infinitum.”
See the article “In the beginning was a dot

The ZOHAR speaks clearly about “the BODY” as the ONLY vessel in “this world” which can attempt to understand the “mysteries” of the LETTERS, the laws of the Universe, and the “natural world.”

Have you ever been more than curious to know more about the Hebrew letters? The Hebrew letters are like atoms of creation energy. The Sefer Yetzira calls the letters “bricks” and words “houses.”

The Hebrew Letters are molecules and the blueprint from which the stuff of Creation is created, formed and made.  Each verb has built in its essence a nucleus and a root to plant and build. Each letter contains a spiritual power or energy signature emanating from the first primordial source of light, the Ein-Sof-Or. Each letter comes from the Creator to guide us to move back and forth toward the union between the “Creator” and the “Created.” This Creator’s movement is what animates all living beings in all Creation.

The profound study and intentional exploration of the Hebrew Letters assists us to reflect and affect reality; CREATE, and DISCOVER the inner layers of the Universe, while encouraging us to maintain Sanity in the midst of madness. Through the practice of their special relationships, we build NEW tools and a NEW sense to use and practice the TIKKUN – Restoration for one’s self and the whole world.

The study and the application of the Hebrew Letters is very powerful to reorganize the twisted way one thinks, into the Natural way of thinking, moving, being, and transforming oneself, from “playing the violin with one hand, to playing the violin with both hands,” Learning the Journey from “Talking About It” to “Being and Becoming“ The BEING that was meant to be in “The First Place.”


By Samuel Ben-Or Avital

(To learn more about the basic meanings of the Hebrew letters, see the Kabbalah Basics Article)

פִּתְחִי לִי פִּתְחָא כְּחִידוּדָא דְּמַחֲטָא, וַאֲנָא אַפְתַח לָךְ תַּרְעִין עִלָּאִין.
זוהר פרשת אמור פירוש הסולם סעיף קכ"ט

Open me an eye of the needle

and I will open up to you the supreme gates.”

Zohar Emor-Hasoulam 1



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