Thursday, May 23rd 2024

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This is good moment to welcome you to our new KABBALAH NOW website, and share with you a story that marked my life and directed me toward my “spiritual journey,” which I also call my “Spiritual Archeology,”

a way to explore and enjoy the process, and share with my students the practical wisdom accumulated and use it for the benefit of all who need to learn and be.

I told and still tell my students this beautiful and meaningful story since I came to the US, to illustrate the importance of uttering words and communicating ONLY when it is necessary, and not abuse the word.  I call it:

W O R D   E C O N O M Y

"My beloved grandfather once told me that we are born with a certain number of words in our "word bank." If one uses too many words (like over spending too much), it empties our word bank account. They become overdrawn, or we become mute. So, when we use words only when necessary, we practice word economy."

"Words are only one of the ways to communicate. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of real communication, happens through silence, through body language."

"I highly recommend to practice one day of silence a week to achieve the ability to speak less and do more and to “produce more and consume less" practicing consistently the active wisdom of "Word Economy."

I grew up in an environment that my immediate family, my father, my mother and my Grand father talked ONLY when it was necessary, this fact in itself shaped my whole being since my early age, and I found myself practicing it without effort. So words mean a lot and very important to live a life of meaning and purpose.

Strange foe me to say, that I was directed to learn and become a MIME ARTIST and PERFORMER, one who communicates IN SILENCE, without a word, and even called my school in Boulder, Colorado, “Le Centre du Silence” and the body work I developed called “BodySpeak™.”

But as I say, C’est la vie! We need to communicate in various ways for a purpose and a meaningful way of life and being.

This is the way that I welcome you with open arms and heart to our new site called KABBALAH NOW, A Journey of Exploration, in which we will explore with various articles, and hopefully some exercises and future Seminars Workshops, to assist you in your journey of “Spiritual Archeology.”

We live in a very special, positive, negative, dangerous, promising and pregnant times of the greatest potential humanity has ever experienced. What a great occasion! Many of us are perplexed of how we interpret of what is going on in this beautiful blue planet. Most are in a search for that state of perfection and harmony we aspire and yearn.

The authentic study of the Kabbalah can guide us toward that aspect of perfection within ourselves and begin the work of the TIKKUN = Restoration of oneself and the whole creation.

One of the great goals of the Sacred Kabbalah is simply “to transform the “BAD” to the “GOOD”, and one of the ways to begin this journey is to GUARD OUR TONGUE. Meaning, to be very careful of what we say, and how we say it, utter it or talk to ourselves, and others.

As I said in the Introduction, and I will deliberately repeat it here again, please read it with deep awareness:

“The increased popularization of the Kabbalah of our time has both positive and negative aspects on the psyche of humanity.  The gullibility of accepting ideas, concepts, assumptions and ways of beliefs without examining them can cause great damage to many people's brains, while pretending that they are "on the right track."

However, as you travel in this site I know you will make discoveries and have questions, and I hope these questions are with the attitude of “Life and Death” questioning, and not just curious questions to satisfy the limited being in you, but questions that soar within you with great urgency and demand a true exploration to KNOW. This is the genuine attitude to ASK QUESTIONS. It is a REAL QUEST.

I like to he illustrate this suggestion to use this golden nugget of practical wisdom: with the following words:


There is a wise and practical proverb my Beloved grandfather told me once.

It says that:
“Every word should pass through three gates before being uttered.”
At the first gate the gatekeeper asks, “Is it true?”
At the second he ask, “Is it necessary?”
At the third he asks, "Is it kind?"
If you answer in the positive, then by all means, open your mouth and speak.

Si ce que tu veux dire n’est pas plus beau ou plus fort que le silence,

ne le dis pas, garde le silence.”  Anonymous

“If what you are going to say is not more beautiful and stronger than silence,

do not say it, keep the silence.” Anonymous

I also keep emphasizing the following words to my students:
"In The Beginning Was The Word, Before The Word, There Was Movement.” 
"Movement is vibration, life, vision, the stuff of creation and the essence of everything."

"An intelligent being thinks and talks. An emotional being sings.  A totally integrated, conscious being thinks, talks, sings, moves, and ACTS."

Enjoy this beautiful journey, and…Bon Courage!

Thank you for BEING HERE.

Samuel Ben-Or Avital

PS: Please visit our website of Le Centre du Silence, and BodySpeak™ for more explorations and inspiration to discover and rediscover your being and “Water Your Garden” of spiritual beauty and being.

And if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you.


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