Tuesday, Apr 23rd 2024

The Dancing Egg

Once, the family of Mr. Time and Mrs. Space gave birth to boy triplets. The one who was born first was called Yesterday. The next one born was called Today. And the last one born was called Tomorrow.

One day, many years later, they were walking in the forest together, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, and they were having a discussion about the nature of existence: where did they come from, why were they here, where were they going, and so on . . .

Suddenly, a bird flew from a tree and landed near them. To their amazement, she began to speak: "For the one among you who can answer this riddle, I will transform myself into a beau-tiful princess and live with him forever."

The riddle was: "How can an egg dance without breaking?"

Yesterday said, "I've seen worlds and time but I have no idea what you are talking about."

Tomorrow said, "I have no experience with such nonsense and I have no idea what you are talking about."

Today said, "I think I have an idea. There's one way an egg can dance without breaking and that's by being a mime."

So the bird transformed herself into a beautiful princess.

And then, she did something even more surprising. She reached into her pocket and took out an invisible egg. With a flourish, she cracked the egg into an invisible pan and pro-ceeded to cook it over the invisible fire that she had prepared for the purpose.

When the egg was done, she offered some to Yesterday and Tomorrow. Then she took half of the cracked shell, transformed it into a crown, and placed it on Today's head, making him a prince. She placed the other half on her own head. Today smiled. They kissed a tender kiss.

And the clever princess took hold of Today's hand and away they danced -- stopping now and then to pirouette, hand-in-hand -- together.



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